We at Ello LLC are to provide New Mexico with an alternative use to all other rideshare services in the community. All Ello Drivers represent the brand of Ello Rideshare, and help to create a house hold name of Ello and its reputation. Ello must ensure that all of the company's marks are used consistently and only with permission of Ello LLC. As it turns out, this means that it is not okay for anyone outside Ello, Ello Rideshare, Ello LLC HQ to use the name or company emblems, such as the Ello apps User/Driver. Trademark, Logo Design Trademarks, or Ello logo, on merchandise or printed materials. Only materials provided by Ello HQ can be used to promote the company and the Ello apps.

  • Ello Window Stickers
  • Ello T-Shirts 
  • Ello Logo etc.